Why you should "go to the mattresses" for your family!

War! Most people try to avoid conflict, but it is everywhere. Today we engage in information warfare. Who is speaking truth? Who is manipulating? Who is trying to make a fast buck at the expense of your family's health?


It can make you tired. And you need your sleep. But, even when it comes to that, there is a plethora of "conflicting" accounts, data, info, etc.


Here at Euro-Flex we have compiled five items to consider when purchasing your family's sleep systems:


Dude, I'm like, totally popular!

Most people buy inexpensive spring mattresses at Big Box Stores. Although they are the most popular, they are also the least liked. According to www.sleeeplikethedead.com, owner satisfaction for spring mattresses are a low 64%. Why so many dissatisfied owners? Well, although it isn't ALWAYS true, it's MOSTLY true: you get what you pay for.

Unless you are a starving college student living on ramen noodles, wouldn't you rather spend your money on food that brings joy and satisfaction? A Big Box cheap mattress might get you through college, but now you're working hard with a family. A family that sleeps well, lives well. Spring into the future, my friend, in the land flowing with milk from the rubber tree.



I See Dead Critters

Nobody likes to discuss this subject. It gives me the creepy crawlies. But the fact is, cheap mattresses aren't designed to combat dust mites. These unwanted critters feed on shed skin cells. Their presence exacerbates allergies and asthma.

That is the beauty of latex, milk from the rubber tree. It is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. And it is mold and dust mite resistant. This is the natural choice for allergies.




There is no such thing as away…

Buy something new. Throw the old away. Wait! Where is 'away' again? Oh yeah, that's right. There is no such place. 'Away' is still a place on our Earth. Until they invent sci-fi tech to run our cars on garbage, we have a responsibility to protect our third rock from the sun.

So, you want to upgrade your mattress, what do you do with the old one? Recycle! Or, instead, we have a donation program in place to donate your old mattress.

When I traveled to Costa Rica, I learned a valuable lesson about repurposing products. I used a friend's bathroom and noticed they redesigned an empty plastic coke bottle for a showerhead. An interesting fact about Costa Rica is that they only use a quarter of resources per capita compared to the States. Yet, they report the SAME level of happiness.

We can learn a thing or two from our fellow humans who don't throw as much 'away'. Recycling old mattresses gets easier and easier.


Flames! Flames, on the side of my face!

Fire can be our best friend, and our worst nightmare. Because of the dangers of flammable material in the home, regulators insist on designing all mattresses with flame resistant materials. To do so in a healthy manner can cost more than a shiny quarter. So, cheap mattresses use harsh chemicals to comply. Chemical off-gassing your family breathes in all night long.

Euro-Flex uses a natural and chemical-free fire barrier with zero flame retardants. This means you are safe from accidents. And safe from harsh chemicals. Win-win.

We use Eco-Wool. Lambswool is natural and serves as a great fire-barrier. Lambswool good. Chemicals baa.aa.aad…



Oh, I see. Built to break on purpose.

When someone sells cheap mattresses how do they make money? By selling more, year after year. So, they are not going to design the mattress to last for many years. They wouldn't be able to stay in business.

But a Euro-Flex mattress endures for many years. That is why we stand by our 15 Year Warranty and 60-Day Comfort Guarantee. How do we stay in business? By customizing each mattress for each individual customer. We don't have to "push" our inventory on you. We don't have to buy in bulk and get "rid" of stagnant inventory.

You come into our Showroom. You pick the features. We build your mattress to last, not break. We want you to sleep many years, worry free and tell you friends how much better you are sleeping. It is a simple business plan lost throughout the years and replaced with the cookie cutter craze. The cheap, fast product is only a phase. Sustainability is what lengthens our days.


Stay Inside the Circle of Trust

You can win the war on information overload. That is why the educated Euro-Flex mattress mentors are here to help, not focus on a narrow profit margin. Visit our Showroom today. Your family will thank you. Peace!