Why I Fell in Love with My Latex Mattress!

Okay, I admit it. I'm a bit of a romantic. Love at first sight. The story of how we met. Our destiny. It's all meant to be. Let me tell you the story of how I knew at the first moment this person was the right one for me…

I still remember the first time I rested on our Euro-Flex latex mattress. Before that moment, I couldn't have dreamed that a bed could feel so amazing. A bed was a bed was a bed. Who cared? You go to sleep, you don't pay attention to the night, you wake up and forget about sleeping.

Wow! Was I wrong! I've now been with my mattress for over a decade and every time I crawl into bed, it's like love at first sight all over again.

Don't believe me? Well, I'm going to make an intuitive leap and assume you've never tested the feel of a latex bed. Although, coming into the showroom and testing the comfort and support for yourself would be all the convincing you need. But, for those of you who are unable, I will count the ways.

Density or destiny?

Density or destiny?


Latex Personality Traits:

It has bounce. It has substance. And it provides amazing support!

A cheap Big Box mattress is wrapped air. Built with low-quality springs that lose their strength. Stitched together with cheap fillers and chemical laden fabrics that degrade and off-gas.

Latex is milk from the rubber tree–a natural product–and the Talalay or Dunlop process controls the density. Whether you prefer soft as a feather or firm as a board or anywhere between, latex provides the support you need. With substance. A latex mattress is MUCH heavier than a cheap Big Box mattress. But that's because latex isn't an "airhead". The quality of a latex mattress's personality runs deep.

Cartoon puppy holding a big heart surrounded by little hearts.

Cartoon puppy holding a big heart surrounded by little hearts.


Latex Looks:

Some people prefer lots of make-up, a $500 hairdo, and a snazzy red hat you can spot a mile away. Others prefer a more modest look. Some people like it all-natural. No judgement here, each type of beauty comes with a certain appeal. But, one thing you should understand about a Euro-Flex latex mattress is the handmade look.

Our mattresses are not spit out of a conveyor belt by a science fiction machine fueled by oil, gasoline and bad karma. No. We handcraft each individual mattress with love and care from our mattress artist–Nico. Nico has been designing mattresses daily for decades and is much more reliable than a glitchy machine.

Because of our handcrafted style, our mattresses fit into the modest category. That translates as we don't waste money on the bells and whistles that make it a shiny object in the Showroom. No. We want you to fall in love with our mattresses because of their qualities. Natural Talalay or Dunlop latex made in America. Organic Cotton. Organic lambswool. A natural eco-shield fire barrier.

When you bring your mattress home, and cover it with protectors, sheets, blankets, comforters and pillows, pillows and more pillows…who is going to "see" the mattress? Do you see where I'm going with this? The proof is not in what it looks like. The proof is when you crawl into bed, let your body sink into pure unadulterated latex and experience eight hours of natural, handmade support.

I'm telling you–nothing compares! That, my fellow sleep-lovers, is beautiful. And don't misunderstand my point. Our mattresses are amazing to look at. But they are not Big Box meticulous. We are not trying to fool people. We provide our mattresses for their inner qualities. But, still, guess what? Our mattress artist is a perfectionist. So, Nico is meticulous when building your mattress. It's handmade meticulous. And it's gorgeous.

Latex Reputation:

You wouldn't consider committing to someone without finding out about their reputation, would you? Our latex mattresses come with a 15-year warranty, so yes, I would say it is a bit of a commitment. We commit to building mattresses that will last and stand the test of time. Since we've been constructing dreams for about three decades you can trust the Euro-Flex brand and reputation. We've proven our commitment to quality and superior ingredients.

Penguin holding chocolate and a flower.

Penguin holding chocolate and a flower.



If you are not in love with your current mattress, there is a problem. You haven't found the right one. Don't settle. Come into our Showroom today and meet the mattress of your dreams. Your one true mattress is waiting…

But you don't need to bring chocolate and flowers. That would be a bit–awkward…unless you REALLY want to…