Why choose your mattress from Euro-Flex?

Where do you spend a third of your life? Sleeping in bed. You might spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful piece of art hanging in your living room. How much are you willing to spend in the area you spend the most time? There is an important reason this should be your concern. Mattress makers have a responsibility to get this right. Here at Euro-Flex, we commit to to the one principle that has lost importance in this world:


            What determines quality? Everyone knows, it's the ingredients. When you go out to eat for a quality dinner, you take for granted that your ingredients are superb. No cutting corners. You will receive the GMO-free bread and pesticide-free vegetables prepared with time, love and deliberation. When they place your plate of deliciousness before you, there is no mistake. The first bite, heaven. When you get the bill, you don't complain. It was obvious you enjoyed a quality meal.

            The same principle applies to your mattress. Here at Euro-Flex, we take tremendous pride in the quality of our ingredients. Competitors are quick to take the cheaper route. They choose inferior materials, a less durable latex process, and mixed layers labeled "hybrid" to hide the fact they focus on profits first. We choose only the highest quality ingredients backed up by our 15-year Warranty. We are so proud of our mattress we let you sleep, worry-free, for 15 years!  And on top of that, like a soft layer of lambswool, we give you a 60-day Comfort Guarantee. That means, you don’t need to worry about not making the right decision when trying the mattress in the showroom for a short period of time. We understand you will really just know if the mattress is right for you after sleeping at least a whole night on it. That’s why, we give you 60 nights to finalize that decision. If the mattress you chose is a bit to soft or too firm, we can easily come to your home and make a change to either softer or firmer, depending on what you feel like your body needs. When you are sure the mattress works for you, then we can go ahead seal the deal. Quality and comfort, guaranteed.

            The key to understanding quality is education. Before people understood how poorly our food had been managed, we consumed too many things that were bad for us. Now, through education, there is a movement toward healthy living and healthy eating. Unfortunately, the education about our mattresses, the place we spend a third of our life, has been slow to reach the public. Inferior ingredients have flooded the market, and people committed to a quality lifestyle have remained confused at best, misled at worst.

            Here at Euro-Flex, we have nothing to hide. Come into our showroom, and we open the bed to show you what's inside. Our team of educated Mattress Mentors will explain to you the entire process. They will answer every question with sincerity and honesty–debunking the myths and reinforcing the truths. We're not paid a commission; we aren't rewarded by pushing sales. Our reward is providing our customers with the best sleep they will ever get. The most comfortable bed with quality ingredients. When you wake up in the morning, it will be obvious you enjoyed the best sleep of your life.