Welcome to our showroom!

            What do you expect? I know, I know…I've been there, done that! Your foot hesitates to enter our showroom because you fear the attack of the starving salesman. Fifteen years later, and I'm still traumatized by the Time Share Pitch from the Twilight Zone I couldn't escape.

            Stop. Breathe. Relax. We've got you. None of that nonsense here. We're more like the new mom with her beautiful newborn. We want to show her off. We want you to see how beautiful she is. But, take her home? No! Not our precious baby!

            Ahem, well, we're NOT that extreme. But you get my point. Our goal isn't to sell you something you might regret after the slick 'salesman-talk' evaporates and you're stuck with a bill that gives you nightmares. No, we want you to LOVE your mattress as much as we do. No sleight of hand. This is our proven process to ensure you find the best sleep of your life:

 1.       Listen: The word 'listen' has become white noise and many people still get it wrong. But we really do listen. If you prefer a bed that sleeps hot, turns into a prison mold for your body, and is concocted from chemical-filled petroleum, then we are not going to let you have one of our precious mattresses. If you would rather have a natural product, that sleeps cool, and provides solid support without holding your limbs hostage, that's when we get excited. We're so great at listening, we'll even listen to your stories about little Chihuahua Charlie jumping on your bed.

2.      Share information: We are passionate about education. But, we're not know-it-alls. We learn everyday so we can provide the best information for our customers. We tell you the truth and share all the information we have so you can make the best decision possible for YOU.

3.      Recommend: Once we've sipped tea together and feel like we understand each other, that's when we make you an offer. Our Latex mattress is not a new product with scary surprises down the road. We've been building mattresses for almost three decades and listen with intent to the feedback of our loyal customers. We want you to feel confident recommending our mattresses to all your friends.

4.      Create: That's when we build the mattress that we've agreed on together specifically tailored for you. Our customization skills and track record for quality mattresses are well documented. This is the fun part! You're so close to your first night of that amazing restful sleep.

We are aware that you have your individual sleeping needs and personal idea of comfort. That's why we follow our four-step process within a no pressure, peaceful environment. Our showroom–packed full of our beautiful beds–invites calm and provides a relaxing escape from the pressures outside. Come inside! Relax. Kick your feet up. Slide into bed. We're there to serve you, answer questions, and make you feel at home. Can't decide? No worries. Come back once a week. Take your time. We know this is a big decision and we don't want you to make it in a hurry. We want you to be proud and confident of the custom bed you design, and we build.

Another thing. You don't need to wear your evening gown and high heels inside our elegant showroom. Come in your comfy clothes and bring your favorite pillow! We have plenty of pillows here, of course. But are you clinging to that favorite pillow you discovered on your trip to Europe last year? It's important to bring that along with you to our showroom so we can design your perfect mattress. Sometimes, people overthink the process and try to 'math' their way to the right mattress. Trust us, from experience, that doesn't work. Lay down, relax, let your mind wander. Your body will tell you what feels great and what doesn't. But, um yeah, do us a favor? Leave the pajamas at home, we're still in public, okay.

We are patient and detail orientated. Since our mattresses are custom made, we love caring for our customers in the showroom for 2 to 3 hours. Everyone is different. You want to be in an out? Great. You need to take your time? Wonderful. Do you need to come back in 30-minute chunks for the next six months? Awesome. The point is, we won't rush you or impose some arbitrary time frame on what you need to achieve happy. Our job is to help you find your perfect sleep match. Your Soul Mattress. Okay, that was super cheesy, but you get the point. It's about YOU!

Are you still feeling anxious about visiting our showroom? My guess is the anxiety is due to you not getting the best sleep last night. We have solutions for that. Please, come in at your earliest convenience. I promise you…you won't feel disappointment. Or stress. Or pressure. We value you and your time and look forward to welcoming you to the Euro-Flex family. And, or course, Chihuahua Charlie…no we didn't forget!