Three reasons why a Latex Mattress is best

            When you hear the word "latex" what comes to mind? Too often, many people associate latex with gloves. And this has given latex a bad rap. It would be like if every time you heard the word "paper" you thought of cigarettes. So, let's back up and throw down some education.

            The latex we use is milk from the rubber tree. Yes, that's right. This is a plant-based product. Humans have used this milk for many purposes, such as the rubber in car tires. But what makes this plant-based material appealing or not appealing is the process used to construct the latex. The chemicals added to latex gloves or balloons can cause certain people to experience allergic reactions. But, guess what?

            Our latex mattresses do not use this process.

            The high-quality latex–milk from the rubber tree–used inside our mattresses undergoes a completely safe process from the moment this natural substance is tapped from the rubber tree. Our certified 100% All-Natural Talalay Latex is produced here in the U.S. using a completely safe, allergy free process. It is like baking a cake. The liquid foam is whipped for consistency, filling the latex mold built with an aerated cell structure. This creates a consistent heat transfer when the latex is "cooked" and results in a uniform product. It is then vacuum sealed and frozen which creates a superior latex foam.

            Talalay is the professional chef baking your latex, versus other processes out there made by your five-year-old nephew. It takes a lot of time, money and care to create a consistent, beautiful foam with bounce and fluffiness. And the coolness of your sleep is what makes this plant-based product the superior choice.

            Memory foam, most of which is a petroleum-based product, has been touted for decades as the best way to sleep. Although memory foam can serve many useful purposes, is it in fact the best way to sleep? Let's challenge that assumption.

            Petroleum-based memory foam retains heat and radiates that heat back at your body while you are sleeping. Memory foam is designed to hold the shape of your body, making it more challenging to adjust your position because of the way it hugs your shape. And no matter how many regulations the government comes up with, you are still exposed to chemicals in that memory foam.

            Latex foam stays cool, absorbing your body heat, and with the help of the lamb's wool, wicking away the heat from your body moisture. Plants do a good job of staying cool when it is hot, right? This mattress makes it much easier to stay cool, which most people agree contributes to better sleep. The latex foam bounces back immediately, like a perfectly baked cake. Springy and fluffy. Do you like to turn over while you sleep? The bouncy nature actually helps push you in the direction you want to turn, and depending on your preference–Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm–the latex foam will conform to your body, but not trap you in a heated mold that restrains your movement. And you don't have to worry about breathing in chemicals with names you can't pronounce. Remember, if you can smell it, those are particles entering your nose and body. I've slept on a latex mattress for eleven years, and to this day I love pressing my nose into the foam and taking a deep breath. Feels like I've stopped to smell the roses.

            Come by our showroom and take a fifteen-minute nap on one of our beds today! I guarantee it will be love at first sleep. Sorry, you can't spend the night. But you can design one of our custom-built mattresses and fall in love with your bed for the rest of your life. If you're late for work because you don't want to get out of bed, don't blame us! We're making the world a better place to sleep, one bed at a time.