The Vital Role of Your Mattress for a Good Night's Sleep

Imagine you are a prospective buyer for a house. They told you they built the foundation from inferior materials that didn't do a good job of supporting the house. That in a few years, because of the stress the house experiences while sitting on the poor foundation, wooden boards would crack. The doors wouldn't shut all the way. You would hear creaks and moans all night long as the house shifted in the night.


How fast would you run away?


And yet, our bodies, the house our life constructed within, doesn't always get the same amount of care or planning. A proper foundation could apply to our shoes, our chairs, our cars, etc. Today we're talking about our mattresses. It's okay, this isn't confession time. You don't have to admit what you are sleeping on.


But, do consider the vital role of your mattress for a good night's sleep.



You Sleep Better Away from Home


Many of us don't like change. We prefer the familiar. But familiar doesn't mean better. How long have you had your current mattress? Do you even remember WHEN you bought it? If you wake up in a friend's guest bedroom, Air BNB, or hotel room MORE rested than when you're at home, it may be a sign it's time for an upgrade.

Even if you budget enough time at night for the recommended eight hours, your old mattress could be waking up your body and depriving you of REM sleep. It is difficult to sleep well in bright rooms or with loud noises nearby, and the same principle applies to an old, uncomfortable mattress. Worn out matting and bent springs could cause your body to shift and turn too many times in the night.


Firm, or not too firm? That is the question.


A mattress labeled "medium firm" doesn't end the search. That is a subjective description which affects you in a different way from somebody else. Body size, shape, weight and nerve sensitivity can all change how a firmness level affects you.


When you bought your mattress, was it a simple A, B, or C plan? Some people need more customization to address all their needs. Was the salesman in rush to get you to buy so he could move on to his next victim? You should spend at least twenty minutes lying on the mattress to get the correct "feel."


Firmness also affects how you sleep based on whether you are a side, stomach or back sleeper. The goal is to have your spine held in a neutral position. The correct mattress will relax muscles and improve posture. This varies person to person based on their body shape. That is why we recommend coming into our Showroom so we can examine your spine as you lie on the mattress.



Chiropractors want you to get better


Most chiropractors love to see their patients improve over time. They don't desire to keep redoing the same therapies because your mattress is tweaking your spine. Here is one study that shows the benefits of upgrading your mattress.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, then your mattress choice is important. That is why we recommend Oeko-Tex Certified 100% all-natural Talalay latex. This latex design springs back, instead of conforming to your body and provides needed support. This takes a load off the spine, allowing it the rest it needs to recharge for you daily activities.


Snoring and sleep apnea


If you or your partner snores, or worse, suffers from obstructive sleep apnea, then a flexible latex mattress on an adjustable base may be the right solution for you. There are many reasons why a person may snore or suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. Sometimes the solution to this problem is to adjust the base to prevent the tongue from falling against the soft palate and closing the airway.


Here at Euro-Flex we use the Comfort Elite.  Come into our showroom and lie down on our mattress built upon the adjustable base. You may not need a significant change, but enough to use gravity to your advantage.



Benefits of Sleep:

1.     Keeps your heart healthy

2.    Fights against cancer

3.    Reduces stress

4.    Reduces inflammation

5.    Increases alertness

6.    Improves your memory

7.     Helps you lose weight

8.    Napping boosts daily sleep benefits

9.    Reduces your risk of depression

10.  Helps body repair itself


Drawbacks of not enough sleep:

1.     Causes accidents

2.    Slows critical thinking

3.    Serious health problems

4.    Lowers libido

5.    Increases depression

6.    Ages your skin

7.     Decreases memory

8.    Increases weight gain

9.    Increases risk of mortality

10.  Impairs judgment



Your mattress is the foundation of restorative, restful sleep. Don't delay! Contact one of our mattress mentors today and upgrade your sleep. Your body, mind and soul will thank you.