Six Ways to Keep Your Mattress Healthy!

What? You didn't know that you need to keep your mattress healthy? It's okay. Life is a learning process. If you're going to get your eight hours of sleep every night, then you'll need to invest time in keeping your sleeping headquarters healthy. We take showers and wash our clothes, right? Well, only a few added habits to your daily routine will provide years of healthy sleep.


Use a Mattress Protector


Although Euro-Flex mattresses are as healthy as they get, we still recommend using a mattress protector. An inexpensive mattress can double in weight in ten years from dust mite debris and dead skin cells. They collect inside the fabric bedding and create an unhealthy environment. This is more problematic for those with breathing sensitivities.

There are a few options when it comes to quality protectors. The two most popular are:

Fitted – These protectors are simple to install and remove from your bed. Some are waterproof and come with a mattress pad on top. These styles focus on protecting the TOP of the mattress.

Encasement – These protectors will cover all six sides and seal up tight with a zipper. This style is beneficial for people avoiding allergens and it prevents little buggers from crawling inside.

Think of the mattress protector as Captain America's shield. Of course, he is still amazing without it, but the shield gives him that extra protection that propels him beyond awesome!


Siamese cat lounging in open washing machine.

Siamese cat lounging in open washing machine.


Wash your Linens on a Regular Basis


I know, I know! You're already maxed out on laundry! Between the kids, the pets and that camping trip last week, you don't want an added burden. But, in the same way you wouldn't keep wearing clothes without washing them, it's important to wash your bedding on a regular basis. Once a week is great goal. Some people admit to only washing them every three months! That's too long, my friends. What's the point in taking a shower before you go to bed, if the sheets have last months dead skin cells? Let's keep it real. Let's keep it real clean.*


Chihuahua Charlie Must Sleep Where!?

Our pets become our children; this is a safe place to admit it. But even our children get their own cribs and beds. Sometimes when the wind is howling or the lightning is flashing, our children want to snuggle in bed. We get it.

Remember the dog year calculator? So, your four-year-old dog is 28 years old! That's a bit old to be snuggling with you, don't you think? If your still not sure, spend a day with your pet. See where and what they get into…and what they are bringing into your bed!

The choice is yours. If you do allow pets in your bed, you might want to increase your regular wash regime…


Be Careful when Moving your Mattress

When you move, it's beneficial to encase the mattress to protect it from all sorts of foreign substances. Moving stores carry heavy-duty mattress bags. You can provide extra security with packing tape to keep dirt and liquids off the bed. If you have a Euro-Flex mattress give us a call–for a charge, we can move the mattress for you. We've been delivering mattresses for years and know a thing or two about it.


Young woman eating breakfast in bed.

Young woman eating breakfast in bed.


Avoid Eating in Bed

But my partner brings me breakfast in bed every Sunday morning! Sacrifices, sacrifices. Once again, these are only suggestions. Don't believe you're a messy eater? Have you walked into a restaurant buffet after the lunch rush and examined the carpet? Not a pretty sight.

A simple snack in bed may seem harmless but unnoticed crumbs can attract bugs and other small critters.

If you're going to eat in bed no matter what, once again, you're going to need to change the sheets frequently. Changing sheets every three days would be ideal.

Breakfast in bed equals more laundry if you wish to have a healthy sleep environment.


Check your Foundation on a Regular Basis

It may have been a few years since you purchased your foundation. Do you even remember what supports your mattress? If not, take a peek. Different options exist. Platform foundation. Box-Spring. Foam foundation. If the foundation isn't secure, or the floor it rests on is uneven, this can cause problems for your mattress.

Although Euro-Flex latex mattresses are flexible, you still want it to rest on a quality foundation so it can provide you with proper support. After all, that's why you love our mattress. No additional back, shoulder or hip pain originating from the mattress designed for your specific body shape.


Infograph listing the six suggestions to keep your mattress healthy.

Infograph listing the six suggestions to keep your mattress healthy.




By considering these six areas you can increase your mattress's health and improve your sleep.

Do you have further questions? Would you like us to research a topic and provide more value to you at no charge? Reach out and speak with a Mattress Mentor today. Call us at 858-581-2945 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

*Euro-Flex cannot be held responsible for your increased laundry bill. 😉