Questions You Need to Ask When Buying a Latex Mattress

There is a first time for everything. First love. First baseball game. First credit card bill with a twinge of regret.

Wait! Hold on! No regrets here. That’s why you’ve come to the mattress mentors you can trust. We educate you with a smile and prevent all that needless regret.

How do we do this? By teaching you about latex! Our first love. It’s not that difficult. Take my hand as I walk you down the…mattress aisle.



What kind of latex is it?


The question you need to ask is: What kind of latex is it? This may seem like a simple question, but this is where the information gets milky. There are many mattress companies selling what they call ‘latex’, but there are distinct differences.



1. OEKO-TEX Certified 100% All-Natural Talalay Latex. Don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize that mouthful. The key concept you want to remember is that they use the highest quantity of milk from the rubber tree in this latex. It is like organic ice cream. The more milk included, the more it will cost to make. This is the latex that we use here at Euro-Flex.


2. Dunlop. This is a great process but a bit older, so there are less steps involved in making it. Some people love it firm, like a heavy slice of pound cake. This still has plenty of milk from the rubber tree. But because there is no vacuum seal or freezing process, the particles settle at the bottom. That makes the bottom denser than the top. We love using this solid foam base in the bottom of mattresses for support.


3. Synthetic. This process mimics the properties of natural latex. The manufacturing process involves petrochemicals. Styrene-Butadiene rubber is the most common. There are many reasons manufacturers use synthetic, but the end result is a product designed from chemicals. This makes the latex produced much less eco-friendly.


4. Blended. This is a blend of natural and synthetic latex. This brings together the best qualities of each type. Sometimes the blends are synthetic heavy containing only a small percentage of natural. Once again, this moves the product away from 100% Natural.



Which one should I choose?


Talalay, Dunlop, Synthetic, Blended…I know, I know! Your head is spinning! What is the best choice? How do you know what you need?


Well don’t fret. At Euro-Flex, we like to make it simple. Simple choices, simple solutions. It may seem overwhelming at first, but that’s why we break down the choices into bite size pieces. So, let's take this one choice at a time:


1. Comfort. If comfort is your number one concern, choose all Talalay. The process to create the foam is a scientific art. We can control the density and firmness to a greater degree. We can build the bed EXACTLY the way you need it. No guesswork, or close enough. We are so confident in our mattresses we have a 60-Day Comfort Guarantee. Now, don’t misunderstand this statement. We comfort guarantee ALL our mattresses. But, with the Talalay process, we can control the density with greater efficiency.


2. Eco-Friendly. If the environment is your number one concern, then my suggestion is 100% All-Natural Talalay Latex. This doesn’t have any synthetic blend inside the foam. Clean, pure and natural.


3. Sleep Cool. If you've tried national brands that use the memory foam invented by NASA, you are aware they sleep too hot. We have solutions for that as well. We have a wonderful mattress with gel-infused latex. Once again, don't misunderstand me. All latex sleeps much cooler than petroleum-based memory foam. But this is your cherry on top of the ice cream. Sleep cool, my friend.


Euro-Flex. We stand for Education. We stand for Quality. We stand for Comfort. That is our brand.


Due to our obsession with customization, our goal is to help you find your perfect mattress mate. We don't wish to win debates about what is the better path, but to offer many paths for our many, diverse customers. USA represents diversity. When Mr. Krauss fell in love with the latex bed and brought it to San Diego, he discovered his mission:


Help America sleep better.


So, to sum up: Is it Latex? Is it Talalay? Is it natural? Is it Dunlop? Is it synthetic? Is it blended?


See how simple we made it? Write down (old school, I mean take a screenshot of) these questions and as you peruse your choices, remember who educated you:


Euro-Flex: the company in love with your perfect night’s sleep!