My Body Bends, Why Not My Bed?

            Contrary to popular belief, the concept of a "mattress" has been around since the dawn of sleep. Humans would intertwine layers of reeds and build bedding out of leaves and grasses, adding plants that repel insects. And then many cultures lifted their mattresses off the ground to protect themselves from crawling pests. They turned to wood, wool and linen. Some used hay and others used feathers.

            What is the point of today's history lesson? We've understood for a long time the need for support while we sleep. Our body isn't shaped like a board. Sleeping on the hard ground and waking up with a stiff neck, back and aching joints is no fun at all.

            Today we have technology to remove the guesswork from supported sleep. And that is what makes a Latex mattress so brilliant. Not only does it provide an all-natural mattress for us to sleep on, but it provides something else. Flexibility. We need our mattress to be flexible to support our bodies. In this way, the Latex mattress is far superior to petroleum-based memory foam or the tension-filled spring mattress. It provides both comfort AND support. Even the bed built on air, cannot compare. But, do you know what makes this brilliant natural design even better?

An automated, adjustable base. Courtesy of Leggett and Platt.

            Leggett and Platt design, engineer and assemble all their products here in the U.S. They are the masters of automated support. If you've never considered sleeping on a Latex mattress with an adjustable base, let me guide you through the options:

1.       Torso and Pillow Support: Some adjustable bases only lift your torso. This is great for watching TV or working on your laptop in bed. But we know when it comes to sleep, we need to get our neck into a comfortable position. Suffer from sleep apnea? That is a dangerous disorder which can take a tremendous toll on your health and quality of life. Some sufferers find relief by adjusting the angle of the torso or pillow to get themselves in the perfect position. Do you snore? Or does your partner? Adjust the position to the perfect angle for you, and those loud snores quiet into a purring kitten. If your partner is sleep deprived because of your snoring, that can be detrimental to your health too!


2.       Foot Support: Arthritis and gout. Broken bones. Knee surgery. Swollen ankles. Inflammation. The list goes on and on, and you know your pain. You try and stuff a pillow under your knee when you go to sleep, but you move. The pillow slips off onto the floor. You wake up in the middle of the night from your aching pain. The beauty of the adjustable base is you can set it to exactly your sweet spot and it will stay put. Everyone needs support…no one will judge you.


3.       Lumbar Support: Your lower back takes a beating. The discs, nerves, bone, tendons and muscles do a lot of work throughout the day. It supports our activity all day long. Why not support it back? Everybody comes in different shapes. A standard mattress is not going to provide the correct support in the correct firmness and in the correct location. But, when you lay down on our Latex mattress and activate the lumbar support, lifting it into the perfect spot, it feels amazing! Do you enjoy sitting in bed to work, read or watch Netflix? After a few minutes, you will probably feel strain on your lower back. Instead of reaching for a pillow to stuff underneath your back, you activate the lumbar support. Instant relief! Cool latex foam support pressed right into your lumbar giving your back a break. You can't imagine it until you feel it. Seriously!

Leggett and Platt provides an assortment of adjustable base options. We recommend the Prodigy Comfort Elite: a pleasant pairing of mattress and base.

Technology is a body blessing. Over the years, mattress technology has continued to improve. But, one thing hasn't changed. We still want natural. That is one area where humanity has become unbalanced. In some ways we've allowed technology to sever our connection with nature. That's why we are passionate about our Latex mattresses made from natural milk produced by the rubber tree. It reconnects us. And provides amazing sleep! With the adjustable base, you can't go wrong.

You wouldn't dream of moving throughout your day without wearing the latest shoes–built for support–to protect your feet. Some of us can spend hours looking at shoes. Judging, analyzing, comparing until we find the perfect fit. But, for some reason, we forget to put the same care into our mattress shopping. The cheap foam in the top of the mattress collapses, springs break and pokes into our back. Then when we're shopping at the big box discount store, the $500 mattress catches our eye. We don't stop to think. It's cheap.

Yes, it's cheap. And that's the problem. Why buy a mattress you must replace every two years, when you can buy one that comes with a 15-year warranty? Over time, same money, but with amazing support.

Do you want to know the best part? We customize! And I'm not saying, pick the red pill or blue pill. I'm talking Chipotle-style customization. You've eaten at Chipotle, right? If you want a bowl with five scoops of pinto beans, a dollop of sour cream, and a tortilla folded into a flower on top, they'll do that for you, right? Well, about the time Chipotle served its first burrito, we were customizing mattresses. Our Mattress Mentors listen to our customers and are always discovering new, innovative ways to build their support. Partners sleeping in the same bed, are you apprehensive about the other person's adjustable base? No worries. We have solutions. We can build the mattress to be the same bed, and yet each partner still has their own unique support. Sound too good to be true?

Don't take my word for it. Come into our showroom today. Lay on our mattresses. Feel the support from an adjustable base. Let our mentors answer all your questions. Come up with a new challenge for us to conquer. Who wants that boring cookie cutter bed from Discount Big Box? You have the option of a custom designed Latex mattress built especially for you! I've seen that Chipotle bowl you eat, it's not for the faint of heart. But, please, don't spill it on our mattress.