It's Green. How Green is it?

Let's get real. Really real. Once a buzzword like "green" hits the mainstream, people committed to preserving our environment wonder if it is still legit. Has "green" lost all meaning? Is it something people claim while using products that harm our precious planet?

Not at Euro-Flex. Here we prefer the word "white" as in purity, clean, and healthy. Our milk from the rubber tree is a natural white. And it doesn't stop there.

Did you know that all mattresses must be resistant to fire? Cheap mattresses will use flame retardants and harsh chemicals in their fire barrier to pass codes, but our fire barrier is all natural. Our organic lamb's wool–while wicking away body moisture–helps prevent fire ignition. Natural and safe!

Another small tidbit you may not be aware of. Many old mattresses are piling up in dumps, adding to our society's waste problem. But we have a program in place–participation is optional–where we donate your old mattress to those people in need. Granted, we wish EVERYONE could afford our perfect sleep! Until humanity figures out greater solutions, this program ensures that we are not adding your old mattress to the problem. Green, green, it's green they say…

When does green become bad? Well, when it turns into mold, right? That's a beautiful quality of our hypoallergenic and antibacterial latex. It is mold and dust mite resistant. Dust mites LOVE human beds. If we get behind on washing sheets or fail to use a mattress protector, our hair and skin cells can provide the food that dust mites need to thrive. But our latex mattresses are great at repelling those natural little buggers that erode our health.

We build our mattresses here in San Diego. We know the world's ecological footprint is out of balance. Each person needs to make a determined effort to make decisions that help bring that back into balance. That is why, even though from a cost perspective it doesn't follow the cheapest route, we choose to build our mattresses in our local city. Added to your restful sleep from the most comfortable mattress that you will find, you will also sleep easy knowing you've made the correct decision to help rebuild our Earth–our most precious home.

Are you still not convinced? Good! We prefer customers who question everything. We're not mind readers, but we know our products are safe, healthy and the "whitest" green you can find. Come into our showroom today and ask one of our Mattress Mentors those questions that are burning in your mind. We'll show you what our other customers already have determined. Euro-Flex redefines green. It may take a few extra "green" from your wallet to get there, but hey, money doesn't grow on trees! Or does it? They're inventing new things all the time…