Don't be Eco-Friendly Fooled!

You want to buy a Latex (natural rubber) mattress. What questions should you ask? Who is telling the truth? Does it all matter? Why yes it does matter, my sleepy friend.

Since our Euro-Flex team commits to education, we want to prepare you. When shopping around and searching for your perfect fit, here are some questions to equip you. Don't get frustrated if the young salesperson doesn't know the answer. They may have memorized a script to entice you with price and throw in a few eco-friendly words. But, it's vital for you to hear the answers. Especially if you are as committed to solving the environment's challenges as we are.

1.       It's Latex. What kind? Dunlop Vs. Talalay: When it comes to eco-friendly, the two results are similar. But there is a great reason we spend more time and money on Talalay. We have complete control over the Talalay process. The foam produced is more buoyant and luxurious. It takes four times longer to bake. The mold is vacuum sealed and then flash frozen, which holds the milk from the rubber tree particles in an even shape. This makes the density of the foam consistent, top to bottom and side to side.

2.       Dunlop uses a different process. They poor the milk into the mold using an alternative method. The result is a piece of Dunlop Latex that has more density. A Dunlop foam piece comes with variation in the density and because the particles settle at the bottom, the bottom of the foam is denser than the top. For certain mattresses, we use Dunlop for the bottom layer of the bed, since it lowers cost. For some people this is okay, depending on what their needs are and how much they are willing to spend on their mattress. Because they construct Dunlop with this different process, it costs less to produce. So, if this option works for you, we are happy to oblige.

3.       Synthetic Latex: Now you have completely left the land of eco-friendly and 100% natural. This is a petrochemical product mimicking natural latex. This is less durable, less springy and tears easier. It can also emit unnatural odor. Beware of phrases, "combined with 100% natural latex, contains natural latex and 100% of the natural latex in this mattress is of organic origin." These are giveaways that you are dealing with synthetic. Ask the question: Is this 100% natural latex or synthetic? If the salesman doesn't blink and stares at you, you've heard the answer loud and clear.

4.       The Hybrid: A hybrid bed is a viable option, but this word includes a broad category that implies varied things. When they mention the mattress is a hybrid, it's important to ask what makes it that way. They build some hybrids with a spring layer. They build some with a mixture of Talalay and Dunlop. But they build others using memory foam. Some memory foams are a petroleum-based product, so if you are striving to be eco-friendly, this might not be the choice for you. Here at Euro-Flex when we build a Hybrid mattress, we use CertiPUR-US Foam. This polyurethane foam does not emit hazardous chemicals or gasses. "Outgassing" can be hazardous to your health. That is why when we use memory foam for a hybrid, we only choose CertiPUR-US.

5.       Lambswool: We use Eco Wool. This organic wool comes from the USA and not New Zealand. Wool is natural and 100% biodegradable. It resists mildew and mold. It reduces and discourages dust-mites. Do you know why it is so safe for mattresses? The high keratin and moisture content make it resistant to burning. This wool achieves flame-resistance without chemicals. Some wool from New Zealand isn’t monitored with the same scrutiny as the wool produced here. Please ask about the wool! Some wool that starts off organic can stop over in China before imported, exposing it to unknown chemicals. We don't take that risk. That's why we choose Eco Wool.

6.       Organic Cotton: Is it, 'certified' organic cotton? Again, people toss the word 'organic' around, stripping it of all meaning. But the cover needs an organic cotton certification if you want to stay in the realm of eco-friendly. Otherwise, the pesticide treated, non-organic cotton introduces chemicals into the mattress. Do you want to breathe that in for a third of your day, every day?

7.       Are you a mattress flipper? Some people love to flip their mattress. While this isn't required, if you are a mattress flipper, we can build the bottom identical to the top. Because of the custom nature of our product, and the consistency of our products, we make this a no-brainer. But, as I've outlined above, this can be a challenge with hybrids or Dunlop mixes. Don't forget this important question if you love to flip!


A few more thoughts:

If you have never owned a latex mattress, you may not know how heavy it is. Remember old TV's? Now we can carry a 32-inch TV with one hand, but not true a few years ago. Well, a Latex mattress has significant weight, so if you need to move or flip it, you're going to need a couple sets of hands. This may seem like a drawback, but the extra weight provides you with greater support.

Euro-Flex has been building Latex mattresses for 28 years. In today's industry, we have a strong track record. Beware of price-focused companies. If we could make our mattresses more affordable without compromising integrity, we would. We are passionate about quality. We are passionate about the environment. We are passionate about providing natural, chemical-free sleep. These are great value points to focus on when you are price comparing and shopping for your Latex mattress. If the company focuses on deals, prices, and getting you to buy fast…be careful! Buyer's remorse is no fun.



            Remember the old days? Yeah, I'm talking only a decade ago. There was a time when the human connection was a priority. Now, through technology and communication devices, we are more connected than ever…and yet feel more isolated than ever. We are in a unique place in human history, for better or worse, and in some ways, we have lost touch with the basics. That is why we are so committed to the environment, to the Earth, our only home. That is why we commit to providing you with a Latex mattress that is eco-friendly, through and through. So, when you do buy a mattress and get your first night of great sleep, don't text your friend. Go meet your friend at the park. Drink some coffee. Watch the birds. Talk about life. That's why we are so passionate about your sleep. We want you to live your best life possible. Sleep well. Live well. Repeat.