Do Humans Dream of a Full Night's Sleep?

Who invented sleep anyway? If people could design a pill to get rid of sleep, they would do it. And never look back.


But, let's get real. Sleep is the solid foundation for an amazing life. We all know it. We all believe it. If anyone tried to argue that humans don't need sleep, you would laugh them out of the room.


So how is YOUR sleep?


Don't answer. Your bright red cheeks are revealing the obvious truth. No worries. That's why you are reading this article. That is why you are placing your trust in the mattress mentors at Euro-Flex. We have solutions for your bloodshot eyes and cortisol filled bodies. It's all about your sleep system, my friend!


Awake in bed with wrong pillow

Awake in bed with wrong pillow

The Pillow


It all starts with your head. Pillow too big? Pillow too hard? Pillow too tall? Everyone's body and neck come in different shapes. That is why there are thousands of different pillow designs. If you have your neck cranked into the wrong position, that places unnecessary and damaging pressure on your spine. With the wrong pillow, you will need your chiropractor on speed dial.

There's down pillows and memory foam pillows and buckwheat pillows and water pillows and cotton pillows and pillows shaped like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc…


It's enough to make your head spin!


So, which one is the best? The answer is somewhat subjective. It is the pillow that supports your head and neck with proper alignment and comfort. We here at Euro-Flex believe a natural latex pillow compliments our latex beds. I have slept on a contoured Latex pillow for many years and love it! The curved edge supports my neck. The center cradles my head with support. It sleeps cool and healthy.


My favorite part is this pillow doesn't try to crawl away in the middle of the night and land on the dog's head. How does it move so far? It's like I'm playing Football in my sleep…


The Foundation

Remember the Princess and the Pea? That was one of Ed Debien's favorite analogies. Why? Because it is easy to visualize. We sometimes forget to take into consideration how the foundation affects the way the mattress feels. Is the foundation constructed from foam? Is it built from springs? Is it a solid wood foundation? These choices matter.


Everyone is different. That is why we custom build our mattresses. Our secret to continued success is taking the needed time with each individual customer. We listen to their needs, wants, and desires. Then we recommend and let your body communicate its preferences. Your mind might say, "I'm confident I prefer a foam foundation." But, until your body lies down on the mattress built upon a foam foundation, you won't know for sure. Trying it out in the Showroom eliminates the guesswork.


But, if you aren't into customization, we have our best sellers too! We know which styles of mattresses and foundations our customers are raving about. We make everyone happy. That's what we do. And sleepy. We make them, very, very sleepy…


Two cuddly lambs sleeping peacefully

Two cuddly lambs sleeping peacefully

Organic lambswool

We don't choose to use lambswool for the power of suggestion. Lambswool = counting sheep = falling asleep. No. There is a method to our madness. Organic lambswool has amazing properties. It wicks away moisture, pulling it from the body and keeping you cool. This helps your body maintain a comfortable temperature. This also helps prevent the buildup of bacteria and body odor. All while staying dry to the touch.

It is also naturally fire resistant. It's soft and durable. We use Eco Wool which is chemical free and animal cruelty free. These lambs love to share with the people who take the time to care.


Chart with four choices that affect your sleep

Chart with four choices that affect your sleep

Organic Cotton

No pesticides. No other harmful chemicals. Good strong quality cotton as nature intended. It's hypoallergenic. It's soft, breathable and comfortable for your skin.


We use cotton for so many things. But when it comes to your sleep: choose organic. If it's not organic, then they use chlorine, toxic dyes and finishing chemicals to process it.



Hey sleepy head! It's time to upgrade your bed. The magic sleep-replacement pill is many years away. Until then, there is Euro-Flex. The mattress company that places people over profits. We value education and share it with you, free of charge. Come into the Showroom today. Take a nap. Breathe in the natural air surrounding our natural beds. You will be grateful. But, please set your alarm…we're not a Hotel!