Customize, Customize, Customize!

            One size doesn't fit all. Over the years, some have misapplied "one size fits all" to many products. But this misleading metaphor has prevented customers searching for the best sleep of their life from finding their true fit. We are all unique. Our bodies are built with custom shapes, we sleep in preferred positions, and many of us have partners with important, but opposite needs. This can add up to a recipe for disaster.

            That doesn't scare us. We welcome your bony elbows and tender hips.

            Many mattress builders place profits first. They want to sell their customers beds that will maximize their bottom line. But we are more interested in getting to the bottom of your good night's rest: that is the replenishing fuel you need to live an extraordinary life. That is why when it comes to customization, we have almost no limits. Here are a few of the many ways we customize your sleep:

1.       Hard Edge - Improved edge support. If you prefer a bed to feel like a cloud of soft feathers caressing you as you drift off into sweet dreams, then this option is for you. As we age, the obstacle of getting out of bed in the morning becomes more than a clever saying. It can be challenging not to slip off the side of the bed. But a hard edge solves the problem and you don't have to sacrifice your soft sleep. The hard edge provides a support as you lift yourself up for the new day. We build this support INSIDE the mattress and don't compromise the shape or sleekness of the mattress.

2.      Soft Shoulder - Improved shoulder comfort. I don't know about you, but until they invent removable body limbs, we must put that arm SOMEWHERE when we sleep. We tuck it under our side, squeeze it under the pillow, or dangle it over the side where the monsters can get us. That's why soft shoulder is brilliant. We build the part of the mattress where you shoulder rests to be softer than the area supporting your torso. This keeps your spine aligned and your arm won't fall asleep. Brilliant solution for those with back pain and side sleepers. With our 60 Day comfort guarantee you can tweak the softness–once–if you didn't get it quite right the first time. And still want to tweak it some more? Well, we commit to your perfect sleep, but still need to pay the light bills, so for an added charge we can tweak it some more. Don't worry Goldilocks, we got you. Because when you find the bed that's "just right", everyone wins.

3.      Perfect Partner - Choose your own density. You are with your life partner for a reason, right? Similar interests, similar goals, but no two people are EXACTLY alike. You prefer it soft and your partner likes it firm, or vice versa. No sweat. Literally. We build our cool latex foam for east meets west INSIDE the mattress. Each partner will get the eight-hour sleep they need on the mattress the way they like it. Please no switching sides. We're awesome, but not miracle workers.

These are only a few of the ways we can customize your bed. We look forward to meeting you today!