Can YOUR Mattress Do THIS? The Good, the Bad and the Lumpy!

No mattress shaming here. Only truth. You're not getting quality sleep. Why? Blame your boss. Blame your partner. Blame Chihuahua Charlie who wants his dog dish filled at 5 am!


But you know the one thing you forgot to blame? Your mattress. Face it my sleepy friend. It's time to kiss pile o' lump goodbye! And we are here to provide you with a checklist of items to consider when purchasing your next sleep system.




People grow wiser with age. Unfortunately, a mattress from a Big Box Discount Store only grows lumpy. If you didn't buy a Latex Mattress with a 15 Year Warranty, then you are in for a surprise. How long have you had your current mattress? Five years? Six? Lost track? Well, those $500 mattresses are only designed to last a couple years. THAT is why your body is complaining. Go ahead and dig through your receipt pile, we'll wait for you to check the date.





If your answer is clouds, feathers, and Dandelion seeds then you are dreaming, my friend. They build a Big Box mattress using cheap springs, artificial fillers, and off-gassing chemicals assembled in a foreign country.

Euro-Flex uses natural products like Oeko-Tex Certified 100% All-Natural Talalay Latex, Organic Cotton and Organic lambswool. Come to the Showroom and we open the mattress to show you what's inside. No hidden fillers with words you can't pronounce. Only clean and comfortable ingredients designed to last.




Nobody wants to talk about dust mites. Or bacteria. Or mildew. Or mold. But we are all humans. We sweat (perspire?) all night long and shed dead skin cells. A cheap mattress traps this and creates a perfect feeding ground. This environment invites all these nasty buggers to the sleep over. Once they are in there, they grow and grow until your mattress needs to go on a ketogenic diet.


A Euro-Flex mattress is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It is mold and dust mite resistant. We use natural ingredients that repel the nasty buggers, and we don't resort to harsh chemicals. You will feel the difference the moment you lie down on our mattress.

Chihuahua Sleeping On Its Side

Chihuahua Sleeping On Its Side




I'm not asking is it red, white or purple. I'm asking important questions. Are you a back sleeper? A side sleeper? A stomach sleeper? You must consider those preferences when choosing your perfect mattress.


Do you suffer from pain points in the shoulder, arms, hips or back? Your unique body shape is being ignored. We can build a custom mattress to accommodate your specific dimensions.


When you get married, they fit your dress or tailor your tux, don't they? They want it to fit perfect, so it looks great and you are comfortable. We do the same for your mattress. We analyze your specific needs. Now, instead of your arm falling asleep at night, it rests comfortable in the soft shoulder area.

It's not rocket science. It's not even mattress magic. It's common sense–not so common today!

At Euro-Flex, when it comes to your comfort, we don't cut corners. Unless the corner needs to be round–it is a mattress after all–and we ARE perfectionists


Exercise Couple Stretching

Exercise Couple Stretching



As we age, we need different things. Some people snore. Some people lose strength in their muscles or face illnesses that zap energy. Because our mattresses last so long, they are adaptable. You may not need an adjustable base today, but how about in ten years?

One of the amazing abilities of an all-latex mattress is its ability to be flexible on an adjustable base. Many people with aging parents find our mattresses to be the perfect solution for age-based limitations. A remote control with an articulating base can be a literal lifesaver for our beloved family members. Because Euro-Flex places people above profits, we use the Leggett and Platt adjustable base. This is a proven product with a long history of reliability and dependable customer support.




The good news is Euro-Flex has solutions to all your problems. Your sleep problems. Your mattress problems. And your math problems…well, okay, not the math, because we still must charge for our service. Until money grows on trees, YOU will have to figure out which credit card to use….

The bad news is this: you will have to give up your lumpy mattress. I know, I know, sacrifices! But the familiar isn't always best. Trust us. Buy the mattress, sleep eight hours straight and wake up refreshed and alert. Then you'll realize you've made the best decision ever! Sorry, Chihuahua Charlie, breakfast will have to wait. Mommy is getting her beauty sleep.