Are you a Poor Sleeper?

Come on. Admit it. You're not alone and this is a safe space.

Do you imagine a full night's rest is nothing but a dream? Well think again. While it is true that 57% of women in America are poor sleepers and 43% of men are too, that's only half the picture.


42% of women are excellent sleepers and 58% of men are excellent sleepers. What's the deal? Why this dichotomy? What do the excellent sleepers know and aren't telling us?

There are some factors involved with poor sleep:

1.       Difficult relationship with partner

2.       Income under 25K

3.       Work pressures

4.       Living paycheck to paycheck

5.       Worry about financial future

When it comes to sleep, there are many contributing factors. Whether or not the above circumstances affect you, one variable is important:

What is the quality of your mattress?

Here at Euro-Flex, we can't solve your financial woes. But we can ease your creaking bones.



How to design the bed of your dreams


Let's begin with the firmness level. Do you prefer soft, medium or firm? Not sure? No worries. Your body has the answer. When you lie down on the mattress and close your eyes, your body decides. It tells you what you like. No mattress shaming here. Whatever you prefer is what we will build. That why our number one choice of Latex is Talalay. With this superior foam process, we can make it feather-light or brick-hard. And all firmness levels between.

Sound daunting? Overwhelmed? Don't be. We're the mattress whisperers. We can tell how much your body loves the bed by the size of your smile.


Where does it hurt? Your shoulder? Your arm? Your back? Your knees?

Because of the amazing, three-layer design of a Latex mattress, engineering your sleep system is a piece of cake. The middle and bottom layer we build for support. The top layer cradles your problem joints.

Are you a side sleeper? We provide a soft shoulder that helps avoid your arm from falling asleep.

Is your body shape unique? Don't fret. We can support your back without awkward pressure.

It may sound like relativity theory or quantum mechanics to you, but for us, it's another day of solving sleep equations. You sleep sound and we do the math. It's that simple.

Size it, side it

Do you love the California King? Do you want your mattress heart shaped for your boat? Have you designed your custom closet/hide-a-away/future tech bed, and now need a specific and unique mattress?

We customize it all. Measure. Cut. Build. We could build you a pyramid mattress if you wanted! (Okay, that might take a little work, but you get the point.)

No fighting! Your partner needs it one firmness level, and you the opposite. We unite the two contradictory sides inside and presto! Win, win.


How Eco-Friendly do you want to be?

Eco Wool

If you've read previous posts, you know we love eco-friendly. The better for the ecology the more friendly we get!

Eco Wool we build into all our mattresses. We trust it. It's legit. They don't create all lambswool equal, because of the processes it undergoes. But we verify the certified organic lambswool we put in our mattresses.


Here we provide a few choices. We love our 100% All-Natural Talalay Latex, but that can get a bit pricey. That's why we offer alternatives.

We have coil options. Hybrid options. Mattresses that use Dunlop for bottom layers. Clean memory foam options. And gel-infused options. To name a few. It all revolves around our clean and supportive Latex, tailored for your individual needs.


The base can be as simple as a metal frame and hardwood. Or it can be as sophisticated as the Leggett and Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite.

We can adjust the height of the base to get the mattress exactly at the height you want, without needing to buy more Latex. Great support at the perfect height.

Remember the story of the Princess and the Pea? Well, it's based on a solid foundation. The base matters. "We're all 'bout that base, 'bout that base"… Okay, we can't sing! But we can build you the right base.


We may not be able to solve people's financial woes that are robbing them of excellent sleep. But we can build a Latex mattress that will help people sleep better. One of those people could be you! Call, come by, or email us today.

Let me get you some coffee while you decide, you look a little tired…