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Our Mattresses

Each mattress is handcrafted here at our factory in sunny San Diego. This allows us to ensure that every mattress is built with the care and customization our clients have come to rely on. Our mattresses are crafted using natural, breathable, and incredibly durable materials for a safe, supportive, and luxurious night’s sleep.

We care about your health and the environment. Visit our showroom to see how our mattresses can help you optimize your rest and minimize your footprint on the environment by using natural products.

White glove delivery available to all San Diego Area counties.

We take your old mattress away.

Our Density Guide

Euro-Flex Mattress Density Guide

Euro-Flex Mattress Density Guide

One mattress density does not fit all…

We are all different. We have various body shapes along with distinct support and comfort needs. We also have our own unique sleeping positions and habits. Based on these reasons, it is apparent that one mattress density does not fit all.

We want to share with you a few details that will help you in choosing the right mattress density for you.

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Euro-Flex Adjustable Beds & Natural Mattresses

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